Natural Ways to Stop Skunks

Getting rid of a skunk from yardSkunks are very sticky to a place where they found their food easily. If a skunk is able to find a morsel in your garden then it most probably he would visit your place again. One can smell their presence and once you smell them your frustration will only increase and their awful smell attracts a great number of flies as well. In addition, as the flies around house increase more insects and animal will collect around your house to eat them. So all and all its very important to adapt some skunk repellent ways to get rid of the trouble soon enough.

Skunks are scavengers and can eat almost anything even the bugs that eat garbage. They are nocturnal and you can smell them mostly at nights and hourly hours in the morning. Skunk eats garbage, birds’ eggs, human waste, larvae etc. So below are the ways to get rid of skunks and keep them away from your home.

Some of the natural ways to use as a Skunk repellent:

Skunks most probably stay 4 inches deep holes in the ground. Therefore, you can sprinkle some cayenne pepper over their hole to check their tracks. Once you get a track of their homes made in your property, you can use one of the oldest natural skunk repellent recipe made from hot pepper. Ingredients required to make natural skunk repellent are chopped onions (consider chopping yellow ones) 1 large teaspoon cayenne pepper, one sharply chopped jalapeno and 2 big cups of water. Boil all the ingredients in one common utensil together and once the mixture is cool enough to put it into a spray bottle.

As a natural skunk repellent, you need to spray this solution constantly for 4 to 5 days in a week around the skunks den area for getting rid of skunks. Another easy way to get rid of skunks is by applying rags soaked with ammonia near the skunk’s home. It will force skunk to leave your place very quickly and in cases immediately as well. However, be aware this solution burns grass wherever applied so consider safety precautions and keep buckets of water with you while doing this solution.

If skunk you are dealing with is a stubborn one and is not leaving your place even after applying the most effective natural skunk repellent as well then you must consider trying mothballs in one of the containers. However, it’s not one of the natural ways but it is very effective against a stubborn skunk. Place them near the holes where skunk lives and they will be out of your property in no time.

Prevention tips:

Skunks most probable make their homes in properties where there is easily available garbage and larvae like insects, which is their food. Therefore, if there is a place near your house or your garden where garbage is kept unprotected, chances are more skunks will choose your place to make their home. What you can do in such case is either to provide proper disposal of garbage timely and do not let dustbin get filled up and stay filled very often. In addition, you must clean surroundings near your home and provide proper protection to garbage.